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Festool Kapex Guide

Innovation. Compounded.

The Kapex KS 120 was developed with one goal in mind: to be the best sliding compound miter saw, period. The KS 120 is the first miter saw with variable speed, enabling the user to match the speed of the blade with the requirements of the material for perfect cuts, every time. Finally, a sliding compound miter saw that combines a large cutting capacity with a compact and lightweight design. The innovative twin-column forward rail design gives this saw greater precision in an extremely small footprint. And Festool's meticulous engineers designed the saw to capture 91% of the saw dust when used with a CT dust extractor (when using a 36 mm hose). There are many other good reasons to make the Kapex KS 120 your next sliding compound miter saw: ergonomic center-position handle, large scales, quick release fences, and FastFix blade changes, to name a few. Eliminate rework and waste by making precise, reliable cuts the first time.

Bevel lock knob

Use the Bevel Lock Knob conveniently located on the top of the Kapex to control the bevel positive detents and to lock the bevel angle. The counter spring balanced head on the Kapex allows you to position the bevel and let go of the saw with the head moving. Use the fine adjustment knob to control bevel angles in fractions of a degree. The bevel knob has three settings: positive detents at 0 and -45 degrees, free movement between -45 and +45 degrees and free movement up to ±47 degrees. Bevels can be made to the left or right and the bevel gauge appears on both sides of the saw.

Dual lasers

Easily align cuts from the left or right side of the Kapex using the dual lasers. The lasers clearly define the material which will be removed during the cut. Using the three axis adjustment controls, you have complete control to fine-tune the lasers. A conveniently placed button can be used to turn on the laser without powering on the saw. The lasers are electrically powered and require no batteries. No need to take the blade down to the material anymore in order to see where you’re going to be cutting!

MiterFast angle transfer device

Complex angle calculations are eliminated by using the onboard angle transfer device. Simply copy inside and outside corners with the angle transfer device onto the miter table by aligning the angle transfer device line with your laser lines from both miter sides.

Special cutting position

The Kapex incorporates a special cutting position that, when employed, provides greater than usual cutting capacity by utilizing the back portion of the blade more effectively. The Kapex is locked into the special cutting position with the flip of a lever. Cut crown molding up to 6-5/8" in the nested position providing a cutting capacity equal to most 12" miter saws. Cut material vertically up to 4-3/4" x 3/4".

Blade kerf & guard design

The Kapex blade creates a thin kerf which reduces load on the motor and improves the cut quality. The blades are specially designed to reduce noise levels and dampen vibration. The large 30mm arbor hole reduces blade deflection. The clear, narrow guard is also designed to improve dust extraction efficiency and visibility.

Kapex sliding compound miter saw applications

Your Kapex is ready for precision cutting of crown, chair rail and other decorative molding along with interior trim, door and window casing. The Kapex also excels at general cross-cutting for all trim carpentry applications as well as processing expensive materials where tearout, burning and kerf marks are unacceptable.