Cordless Drill Guide

Festool Cordless Drills: Different by Design

Festool drills look different, because they are different. Crafted to the highest level of German engineering, Festool drills offer a level of quality not found in other drills. High-quality materials and robust design are ready to withstand the most severe of jobsite abuse, backed by a 3 year warranty on not only the drill and charger, but also the batteries. Festool offers five different chucks for the C-series and T-series cordless drills, three for the compact CXS-series cordless drill. Eliminate the expense of single purpose drills with the FastFix quick change chuck system. Below, we will take a look at all chucks in more detail, including how you can put them to use.

FastFix quick Change Chuck System
eliminates single purpose drills

  • Centrotec Chuck Saves approx.. ½ lb. of weight when compared to standard keyless chuck. Quickly change between drill bits and screw tips by depressing the outer green ring. The Centrotec chuck comes standard with a magnetic bit holder that works well with standard 1/4-inch hex shank bits. Included with all Festool cordless drills.
  • Keyless Drill Chuck The C-series and T-series cordless drills come with a keyless drill chuck that can be used with drill and driver bits up to 1/2" in diameter. Uses a ratcheting action to ensure that bits do not slip or work themselves loose. Quickly change to the keyless chuck by depressing the green ring and connecting it to the drill. The CXS-series drills include a non-ratcheting keyless chuck which accepts up to 5/16" in diameter bits.
  • Right Angle Chuck Provides a 90° angle to the drill transmission for tight spaces. The one included with the C-series and T-series cordless drill sets can swivel a full 360 degrees with 16 locking positions. It can also be combined with the Centrotec or Keyless Drill chucks for additional functionality. Or, just stick a 1/4" hex shank bit right into the right angle chuck itself. The CXS-series cordless drill set comes with a slightly more compact right-angle chuck specifically designed for the CXS.
  • Eccentric (Offset) Chuck The solution for odd applications. The Eccentric Chuck is designed to get right up into corners and prevent marring. This chuck accepts any 1/4" wire detent hex shank bit. Like the Right Angle Chuck, it can swivel a full 360 degrees with 16 locking positions. It's included when you purchase the C-series or T-Series cordless drills sets or can be purchased separately. Not available for CXS-series cordless drills.
  • Depth Stop Chuck The Festool FastFix Depth Stop Chuck is designed for consistent, precise depth setting regardless of material density. Integrated clutch maintains depth of fastener placement independent of torque setting. Green quick-out ring backs out screws without affecting depth setting. Great for jobs where you want to make sure the screws are perfectly flush every time, including dry wall, decks, and cabinets. Getting it right the first time eliminates waste of material and fasteners and saves valuable time. The Depth Stop chuck is sold separately, not compatible with CXS-series drills.
  • No Chuck You can use any Festool cordless drill without any of the chucks attached. This makes the drill extremely compact for the tightest of spaces. Just stick any 1/4" hex shank bit into the end of the drill.

CXS Series

  • The Festool CXS drills are the smallest extension of Festool’s Li-Ion drill platform, weighing less than 2 lbs.
  • Exceptional ergonomics, with a battery design that removes the bulk from the handle, ensuring maximum comfort over extended use
  • Outstanding battery life and an ultra-low recharge time, fully recharging in just 30 minutes.
  • great for cabinet construction and installation, hardware installation, furniture assembly as well as general lighter duty drilling and driving application

The C15 and C18

  • Festool C15 and C18 drills have revolutionary EC-TEC brushless motor and electronic clutch
  • Energy Efficient, longer runtime and fewer trips to the charger
  • Integrated LED light for working in dark places
  • Can do the job of five drills with the FastFix chuck system
  • Battery Fuel Gauge to monitor battery life
  • Independent switch for drilling and driving modes

The T15 and T18

  • Includes all the features of the Festool C15 drills
  • Conventional T-handle style
  • Intelligent system beeps when desired torque setting is reached, when it is overloaded, and when it is time to charge the battery
  • The T18 is Festool's most powerful drill and allows you to drive big screws and bits like auger and Forstner bits

General Cordless Drill and Driving Applications

Drilling and driving can pose some of the most challenging operations in construction and assembly. Tight tolerances, cramped spaces, odd angles, thick materials, and precise depth requirements are just a few of the obstacles faced when drilling or driving. The versatility of the FastFix chuck system enables the user to drill and drive with great precision in just about every situation. You can expect more from Festool power tools: more innovation, higher quality, superlative service and ultimately, more for your money. Though you may initially spend more than you would on some other brands, Festool power tools quickly pay for themselves with their time-saving features, benefits, and quality.