Festool New Products

500652 Cooltainer Systainer

Cooltainer Systainer

The Special Edition Cooltainer is the perfect addition to your Festool Systainer storage solutions. Based on the Systainer SYS-4 design and dimensions, the Cooltainer attaches to your Systainer, allowing you to keep your lunch or favorite beverages cool at the jobsite. The dark blue and green Cooltainer features a 1.25 in. thick foam insert and inside dimensions of 9 in. x 9 in. x 12 in. to provide plenty of room for bottles, cans or anything you want to keep cool.

500076 T-Loc Systainer

Tabletop T-Loc Systainer

The new SYS-MFT combines the functionality of an MFT work table surface with the portability of a Systainer storage unit. The SYS-MFT features a work surface equipped with 13 clamping points, integrated V-grove channel for securing round stock such as pipes and dowels, and an anti-skid strip for even more ways to secure your work piece. Its durable design supports up to 110 lbs. and is compatible with Screw Clamps, Quick Clamps, and Clamping Elements. The SYS-MFT, the same in size as a Systainer SYS 1, provides useful storage for tools and accessories, has a slotted handle for easy transport and  integrates with both T-LOC as well as Classic Systainers and Sortainers.

499901 SYS-SB Storage Box T-Loc Systainer

Storage Box T-Loc Systainer

The new SYS-SB Storage Box keeps all your small parts and accessories organized and easily accessible. The clear flush-mounted cover panels allow visibility for quickly locating items while also keeping container components securely in place. The adaptable container system allows users to set up the storage box for specific tasks. The horizontal folding layout features four compartments and includes five removable containers – 1 small, 2 medium and 2 large. Its large bale-style handle makes it easy to grab on-the-go either bare-handed or with gloves. The SYS-SB Storage Box is fully compatible with all Festool Systainers, Sortainers and Toolboxes.

CARVEX PS 420 Jigsaw

CARVEX PS 420 Jigsaw

The Carvex 420 jigsaw features advanced brushless motor technology and MMC electronics. Paired with the right blade the Carvex cuts though virtually any material. The triple blade guidance system prevents blade deflection and keeps the blade perfectly perpendicular, ensuring precision cuts through curves and scribe lines. Its revolutionary base-changing system allows you to switch bases to suite specific applications, and features such as its FastFix blade chuck, stroboscopic LED lighting and stroke adjustment add convenience. The Carvex 420 is available in a Barrel Grip or D-Handle style as well as in corded or cordless models.

TS 55 REQ Plunge Cut Saw

TS 55 REQ Plunge Cut Saw

The all-new TS 55 REQ is not your standard circular saw. With its accuracy and versatility, it should be compared to the most advanced table saws, miter saws, or panel saws available. Its incredible portability and unbelievable ease of use delivers a precise cutting solution like no other, equally at home in high-end cabinet shops as in the most challenging onsite remodel. With the addition of micro-adjustable depth controls and a flat housing for flush-cutting against walls or adjacent surfaces, the TS 55 REQ is our most advanced plunge-cut saw ever.

SYS-Roll 100 Hand Truck

SYS-Roll 100 Hand Truck

Weighing in at a mere 14.3 lbs, and with a capacity of 220 lbs., the SYS-Roll provides a simple, convenient means to get your Festool Systainers to and from the worksite, no matter the terrain. Integrated storage secures small parts essential to the task at hand, reinforced risers tackle stairs with ease, and large, locking casters make sure your stack stays put.

Festool SYS-Toolbox


Save time through better organization with the new open-face SYS-Toolbox. The easy-access design of the SYSToolbox allows you to keep what you need within easy reach meaning you'll spend less time searching for frequently used tools and accessories. A perfect complement to the Festool Systainer System, the SYS-Toolbox latches seamlessly and securely to the top of both T-Loc and Classic style Systainers.

Festool T-LOC Systainer Cart

T-LOC Systainer Cart

You're always ready to roll with the new low-profile, rugged SYS-Cart. It allows you to create custom assortments of tools and accessories for job-specific tasks. Large locking casters easily maneuver cracks and obstacles, while ensuring that your goods stay put. The SYS-Cart's locking latches grip each component securely, and its wide base ensures the stability of your equipment. Easily transport up to 220 lbs. in less time, and with less fatigue.

Festool Domino XL

Domino XL

The DF 700 Domino XL Joiner now complements the capabilities of the original DF 500 Domino Joiner with its maximum tenon size of about 5-1/2-in (140mm) in length. With an expanded range of thicker and longer tenons, you'll quickly and precisely join slabs, doors and gates or construct the most durable of tables and beds. Now, no job is too big for the DF 700 Domino XL Joiner.

Festool CMS

CMS Table

The stand-alone CMS-GE is rugged and durable enough to perform on the jobsite, yet sturdy enough to compete with stationary workshop equipment. With the compact portability and footprint of a bench-top router table, the CMS-GE is ready to go where the work takes you, so you can carry workshop-level precision right into your customer's home