Sander Guide

Sanding Expertise for more than 60 Years

Sanding is probably one of the least enjoyable and most time-consuming jobs in the shop. For more than 60 years, Festool has been known for its expertise in sanding, delivering tools that make the task of sanding faster and more enjoyable with less dust and vibration. Did you know that Festool invented the orbital sander, eccentric random orbital sander, and dual-mode Rotex sander? Superior dust extraction, very low vibration, long service life, and a perfect finish are the results of a sanding system where all the parts are made to work together. Festool offers a sander for every application and a full range of high quality abrasives to meet the needs of the professional user in every step of the finishing process.

Festool Sanders: The Ultimate Sanding Machines

  • Plenty to choose from; general purpose, application-specific, and multi-mode sanders that can do it all, we have a sander that's perfect for your every need.
  • With swirl-free finishes, get amazing results every single time.
  • Rapid, simple pad and abrasive changes make every day use convenient and time-saving.
  • No one likes dust, and when used with a Festool HEPA CT Dust Extractor, you can experience near dust free sanding
  • Reduced vibration allows you to sand for extended periods without numbness
  • Guards from possibly damaging conditions with thermal and overload protection.
  • Enjoy long-lasting use from sanders that are made to last and backed by Festool's SERVICE All-Inclusive warranty.

Multi-Jetstream Technology
The Hole Story

Festool round sanders and abrasives work with the patented Jetstream™ design: an additional hole in the center of the pad and two air ducts in the sides of the pad allow air to be pulled through the center and moved along with the dust to the outer holes where it gets picked up by the dust extractor. This constant air movement results in better dust extraction, reduced heat, and less clogging of abrasives, especially around the center. Cash savings are fact, not fiction! With the Jetstream design, you use abrasives more efficiently and extend their useful life by up to 30%!

Festool Dust Extractors
Breathe Easy

Dust control is a key aspect of the Festool system. Festool’s dust extractors are some of the best in the industry, with features that other vacuum systems do not have. Breathe easy with cleaner air due to Festool’s 99.99% dust-free HEPA filters. Festool offers a full line of dust extractors, big to small, optimized for the way you want to work. Festool's CT 36 and CT 48 Dust Extractors work with both air tools and electrical tools, and offer a host of other operational benefits. At the heart of Festool's air tool system is the unique IAS 2 3-in-1 hose, which combines air supply, air tool exhaust and dust extraction in a single conduit. That means no tangles, no twisted hoses and less to trip over. And since there is only one hose attached to the tool, there is less hose drag and less effort required for movement. A rotator connection at the tool end keeps the hose from twisting and kinking, and a bayonet coupling makes tool connects and disconnects a breeze – easily switch from a coarse sander to a finishing sander.

Rotex: Sanders That Can Do it All.

With the ROTEX multi-mode sander, you can move effortlessly between heavy-duty sanding and finish sanding with the flip of a switch. Rapidly remove paint, varnish, and wood with the aggressive mode, and switch to the fine setting for finishing to get amazing finishes that shine with brilliance. The ROTEX sander comes in multiple sizes. TAll Rotex sanders include three different modes: Aggressive Gear-Driven Mode, Random Orbital Finish Mode, and Polishing Mode. While smaller with a 3.5" pad, the Rotex 90 DX also sports a fourth mode: Delta Pad Orbital Mode. For larger applicaions, The RO 125 FEQ is the perfect blend of power and weight with a 5" pad. The RO 150 FEQ is the master of all materials with a 6" pad and verges on one horsepower. With so much power, the RO 150 FEQ is virtually unstoppable.