Plunge Cut Track Saw Guide

The Festool Plunge Cut Track Saw: Innovation at its Finest

Festool invented the plunge saw and guide rail system over 50 years ago. Festool plunge saws deliver the precision of bench or stationary tools like table saws, miter saws or panel saws with the versatility and portability of traditional circular saws. The guide rail and its splinter guard (rubber edge) ensure that cuts are straight and splinter free. Once you’ve adjusted your saw to the rail for zero play with the two green cams on the base of the saw, go ahead and trim back the splinter guard to match your saw with the first cut. Now the edge of the splinter guard becomes your cut line, which leads to quick and easy set up and alignment for any angle or bevel cut. Plunge saws can start and end a cut accurately anywhere in the material. The saw blade and riving knife retract into the housing, unlike conventional saws, where the blade guard retracts instead of the blade, which means greater safety. As always with Festool, superb dust extraction minimizes cleanup.

Save Time and Money with the Festool System

  • FastFix saw blade switches out in a few quick steps.
  • Have a healthier, dust-free work environment and decrease clean-up time with the Festool Dust Extraction System. When bought together with the track saw, save 10%!
  • With one saw, do the work of three: Miter saw, Table Saw, and Radial Arm Saw work with panel saw accuracy all-in-one package.
  • Triple motor bearing prolongs service life — three bearings take the load for a longer lasting tool.

The Beauty of Portable Precision
Glue-ready cuts, every time

Is accuracy important to you? Need to make laser-straight cuts every time? Are you making a cutout in an expensive piece of wood? Or do you just want to have glue-ready cuts with no need for more work? The Festool TS saws can do it all.

  • With the guide rail’s zero clearance splinterguard, make precision cuts in seconds.
  • With the splinterguard, makes cleaner cuts with no tear- out.
  • With the guide rail, you can make finish-quality cuts; no more rework and material waste.
  • Easy depth modification in mm increments so you can make more accurate cuts.
  • MMC electronics offer soft start, constant speed under load, variable speed, temperature and overload protection.

The TS 55 REQ
is big on power and small on size.

Can process sheet goods for case work with speed and precision. Efficiently and accurately prep, true, or crosscut solid wood stock. The TS 55 is a perfect solution for onsite panel cutting, cut-outs and flooring installation/repairs. The TS 55 offers a cutting capacity of 1-15/16” (50 mm) at 90º (with rail) and 1-7/16” (37 mm) at 45º (with rail). It has a 10 amp motor and weighs 9.92 lbs.


When paired with the MFT/3 Table, it rivals the precision and capability of virtually every table saw or miter saw available. When bought as a bundle with the track saw, save 10%!

The TS 75 EQ
larger cutting capacity, stronger motor, and slip clutch

The TS 75 can pretty much do the same things as the TS 55 in a bigger and heavier format, but it’s a better choice for cutting multiple panels stacked on top of each other and frequently cutting thick hardwoods, doors or solid surface material. The TS 75 offers a cutting capacity of 2-3/4” (70 mm) at 90º (with rail) and 2-1/8” (55 mm) at 45º (with rail). It has a 13 amp motor and weighs 13.6 lbs.